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Thank you KUTV's Heidi Hatch for the great story!

Sierra and Taylor behind tree
On June 26th it will be two years since a horrible tragedy occurred in a quiet Utah neightborhood. Sierra Newbold was six years old when she was abducted from her home. Her parents, Brad and Kathy Newbold, have been amazingly strong while dealing with this tragedy.

The family wishes to continue to live in their home, despite many people encouraging them to leave the terrible memories behind. It is the beautiful memories of Sierra's short life there that make them want to stay. They love the area and the great support they have received from neighbors and friends, especially over the last two years. However, areas of the home, like the sliding glass door where evil entered in, are daily reminders of the pain they now carry since the abduction. For instance, Sierra's younger sister Taylor is not able to sleep through the night.

We care deeply about this family and would like to do a makeover of their home. Our thoughts are to change things that are a constant reminder of their loss while preserving the family's positive memories. Our plan includes a new bedroom for Taylor, adding square footage to the rear of the home, remodeling the kitchen, creating a larger family gathering place, removing the sliding glass door, replacing the roof, floor coverings, and repainting.

We are working with local businesses to donate as many of the materials as possible, however we have great need for cash donations as well to pay contractors and purchase supplies. All donations received will go straight to the home makeover and improving the lives of a very deserving family.

Thank you KSL for the great story!